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Low Side Driver Board
#9210-073. Low Side Driver Board. Single Channel driver board for sinking current devices, or any inductive load.  Includes current monitoring and overload current limit.  Requires #9210-074 backplane, sold separately.
Low Side Driver Board Backplane
#9210-074. This low side driver backplane supports up to 12 Bauer Low Side Driver boards, #9210-073. 
STB-100 Shielded Terminal Board, Single-ended Inputs  (Out of Stock)
#9210-076. STB-100 Shielded Terminal Board, for Single-ended Inputs. For use with NI PCI-6071E Series DAQ.
STB-200 Shielded Terminal Board, Differential Inputs
#9210-077.  STB-200 Shielded Terminal Board, for Differential Inputs.  For use with NI PCI-6071E Series DAQ.
5B Differential Jumper Block
#9210-085. 5B Jumper Block reconfigures Dataforth or Analog Devices 5B output signals from single-ended to differential outputs. Jumpers between a 5B 26 pin connector and NI E Series breakout board.
STB-M Jumper for M Series
#9210-089. STB-M Jumper makes STB-100 and STB-200 Shielded Terminal Boards able to accommodate NI PCI-6255 M Series DAQ boards.
5B to M Series Quad Interface Terminal Board
#9210-088. 5B to M Series Quad Interface Terminal Board.  Interface board that compliments the field wiring of the National Instruments M Series boards.  Supports up to four (4) 5B rack connectors to NI PCI-6255M DAQ Connector 1, 64 channels max.
5B to M Series Interface Terminal Board
#9210-087. 5B to M Series Interface Terminal Board. This board interfaces Dataforth or Analog Devices 5B modules to National Instruments M Series DAQ cards, connector 0.
Signal Conditioner Backplane
#9210-091. Signal Conditioner Backplane. Low cost, cRIO backplane to accommodate Bauer signal conditioning modules. For signal conditioning up to 10 input channels and 8 output channels. Compliments  National Instruments FPGA NI7811 and NI7813 & Alligator tracking filter.  All signals are optically coupled.  Includes indicating LED for all outputs, and rate detector LEDs for all inputs.
Quadrature Input Conditioner Card
#9210-092. Quadrature Input Conditioner Daughter Board designed for high quality speed and position sensing.  Two independent channels for A and B quadrature encoder inputs.
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